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The production enterprise Gileya (fertilizers for indoor plants and garden flowers) offers cooperation in the branch of wholesale and retail trade in flower care products.

GileyaManufacturing of fertilizers for house and garden plants "Gileya" began in 2000. Owing to such factors as high quality, wide range, real price, bright, informative packaging, easy use, the products quickly won the hearts of horticulturists - amateurs and professionals.

Today the brand "Gileya" develops the market of plants handling, creating new products with the use of innovative solution, the effectiveness of which allows to achieve high results and to meet the needs of the most "whimsical" plants. For nearly fifteen years, the company has not only been improving the technical support, but also the assortment of goods; besides the structure of distribution and advertising policy has also been improving.

We are looking for partners in Europe.

We are sure that the products "Gileya" are able to take on the European market either. That is why we are looking for partners to trade with our fertilizers in Europe.

Why will this business in Europe be successful?

1. In comparison with European-made fertilizers, our products have a doubtless competitive advantage - a very low price. Currently this owes to significant reduction of cost of the Ukrainian currency against the European currency and a smaller proportion of wage in production costs.

2. Long-term successful experience of goods’ application in Ukraine is the proof of high quality top-dressings equal to its foreign analogues.

3. Our company treats cooperation with trade organizations in a very serious manner that ensures the exclusive offers to our partners, an absolute support during all phases of work, a thorough understanding in case of any difficulties.

4. We conduct an efficient active advertising policy on the territory of Ukraine and we plan to apply this experience at new markets.

5. Even now we receive a lot of requests from retail outlets located in Europe. Upon signing of the contract of representation in a particular region, we undertake to put information about You on our website, as well as all requests for purchase of goods will be directed to you.Flower shop

Who will be interested in this business?

Our proposal will be the most interesting for 

  • the owners of wholesale warehouses for sale of flowers and related products,
  • garden centers,
  • chain stores of this orientation.

What do you get from cooperation:

1. New high quality goods, which your competitors do not have.
2. Possibility of good earnings as the price is considerably lower than the prices of European analogues.
3. Additional inflow of customers from our website and advertising promoting our product.

What do we offer?

Line of goods of the company mainly includes fertilizers for house and garden plants. It is represented in a few lines of liquid preparations in various price categories for root and leaf treatment. Each product is designed to meet the individual characteristics of cultivated crops.

Top-dressings produced by our company are capable to have an effect on the maintenance of plant health:

• to stimulate the growth of root system,
• to maintain vegetative green mass,
• to activate lush and long-term blooming,
• to protect from chlorosis, diseases and rot,
• to maintain the brightness of colors.

Mister Blossom

"Mister Blossom" - Highly concentrated  containing both classic and innovative components. Maximum result!

Doctor Foli

"Doctor Foli" - Foliar dressing - emergency aid for house plants - quick result, prevention and treatment of leaf chlorosis, intensive care in the case of weak root system.


"Gileya" - Classic fertilizer with proven effectiveness. We are proud of the complete absence of complaints for 14 years of successful sales!


"Fertimix" - Basic cost-effective vitaminized fertilizer for house plants - gives excellent results if there is a necessity to stimulate lush blooming or active growth.

Green Meadow

"Green Meadow" - Dry granular fertilizer for garden plants. It is easy to use - just sprinkle the granules. The kit includes gloves and measuring cup.

"Green Meadow Aqua"  - Fast-acting soluble fertilizer for garden and orchard crops. The kit includes gloves and measuring cup. The package is to be dissolved in 420 liters of water. It is very cost-effective!

Call us by tel.: +38-067-552-79-00, and we will answer all your questions.

A request for cooperation can be sent by e-mail gileya.t@gmail.com, through networks of Facebook


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